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Indigenous hip-hop artist Eskatology hails from Adelaide and has been steadily making his mark in the Australian hip-hop scene. We are thrilled today to have the premiere of his latest track, “Good Trouble”, which features the killer vocals of soul legend, Steve Clisby. If you are in Adelaide, there is a show at Zhivago this Friday night, 30th April, to launch the single.

Eskatology writes about the background of “Good Trouble”:  “Good Trouble was written with the idea that we can all stand up for what we believe, no matter who you are. The title was inspired from Congressman and Activist John Lewis, who who spoke on getting into “Good Trouble” necessary trouble, and was great at advocating for the rights of his community with legislating voting rights. Steve Clisby grew up in the mostly segregated 50’s and saw a lot of the evolution of the Civil rights movement. Steve gives a good blend on not only what happened then but what is happening today with the black lives matter movement, and black deaths in custody here in Australia. This is not targeted at a singular group it is written to empower nations of peoples to stand up when they see injustice no matter your race, culture or nationality.”

Standing up for what you believe in, is something that Jono Stier (Eskatology) and Clisby are well familiar with. With Stier being a First Nations artist, he has experienced first-hand the challenges which his people face. Likewise for Clisby, who grew up in the United States in the 1950s when racial segregation was still prevalent.

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Eskatology releases New Surprise single "GoodBye (Time Remix)

Eskatology releases a new surprise single on 22nd April, which is an ode to his Grandfather who passed away last year, this song is written with the feelings, of farewelling him. 

the track is Produced by Melbourne Producer Skitzo productions 

and features, Tasmanian Singer/Mc/Producer Stray. 

watch the full clip below 


Goodbye- (Time Remix)

Featured single, ‘Demons’ by Eskatology, is out Now  available to stream on all major streaming platforms!


The single lasts three minutes and four seconds and sits at a smooth 134bpm. The track commences with a fourteen second introduction that couples a solo instrumental section with spoken word; allowing Eskatology to create the atmosphere and mood for the proceeding verses.


Eskatology’s vocal color is strong and emotive whilst also aligning with the smooth tone of the instrumental accompaniment.


Layered vocals provide the right amount of diversity for the chorus which follows a more melodic flow. The beat is systematically stripped back to add an emphasis on the powerful lyrical content.


The amalgamation of meaningful subject matter, well balanced instrumentation, and Eskatology’s expert performance, make this upcoming single one that fans of Eskatology, as well as those who appreciate new and creative Hip-Hop/Rap, will definitely want to hear. Make sure you follow Eskatology on social media to keep up to date with upcoming releases and performances!


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